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575 Torque A-5 Gear Kit Package (1994-95 Mustang)

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Product Description

600HP A-5 1st thru 4th Gear Kit, Upgraded 9310 Alloy Thru-Hardened Output Shaft, Cluster Support Plate, and Master T-5 Overhaul Kit with Synchronizer Rings.

Specs of Gear Kit Package:

-9310 Upgraded Alloy Steel
-Holds 575 Torque @ Flywheel
-Largest Tooth Profiles of Any Synchronized T-5 Gear Kit
-26 Spline Input Shaft (1 1/8" Diameter)
-2.95 "Close Ratio" 1st Gear
-Allows for Fuel Efficient 5th Ratio when using stock Overdrive from V8 World Class T-5


-1st/2nd Shift Fork has to be modified or the larger diameter 1st Mainshaft Gear supplied will touch/rub it
-Installation of a Reverse Idler Bushing, included with A-5 Gear Kit, is a MUST USE to replace the 0-ring that spaces the reverse idler away from cluster 2nd gear
-1 Qt. of Transmission Fluid (Additive) needs to be purchased separately from an Outside Vendor. This additive is to be used with approximately 1.75 Qts. of Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF (Dexron V).  Additive Brand to be purchased is either Synergyn Syngear II Transmission Fluid or Liberty LGX-80.
-Pre-Loading of Bearings on Cluster as well as the input bearing by means of Shims is very important

Additional Information

Weight 52 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 12 x 13 in
Car Year

1994, 1995






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