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“Level 2” Ford Mustang TR-3650 5 Speed (2001-04)


Product Description

**Business to Business or Business to Trucking Terminal Freight Charges as well as $300 Refundable Core Charge included in Price of Transmission Listing.  RETURN TRUCK FREIGHT OF CORE IS NOT INCLUDED IN PRICE. WE CAN QUOTE RETURN TRUCK FREIGHT AND COLLECT SEPARATELY.**

Level 2 TR-3650 5 Speed Transmission for 2/01-2004 Ford Mustang 4.6L.

-Rated for 360 Torque @ Flywheel.

-3.38 1st Gear Ratio / 0.67 Fuel Efficient Overdrive

10 Spline Input = Stock Replacement Clutch
31 Spline Output = Stock Design Driveshaft & Slip Yoke

-Customer needs to remove all Sensors (Speedometer & Reverse Light) off of their Core to put on Gearbox sold. Sensors have proven to get damaged during transit. Very important for end user to not leave on Core if returning core before Reman Gearbox we build will be installed.

Upgrades over Level 1 TR-3650 5 Speed:

-New TSB 2nd Gear Updates still available to us, featured in Level 2 & Level 3 TR-3650 5 Speeds
-New Brass Pads for 1st thru 4th Forks. Replaces the Plastic with Brass Design.
-New Billet Aluminum 3rd & 4th Shift Fork
-New Dual Coil Roll Pins to Attach Both Stock and Upgraded Shift Forks to Rails. Won't "shear" like the stock design roll pins have proven to do.

Core Exchange:

-Required to Exchange an Equal Application TR-3650 (2/01-2004 Ford Mustang 4.6L) 5 Speed.

Truck Freight:

-Included in Purchase Price if shipped to a Business/Commercial Address within the Continental U.S. DOES NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING CHARGES TO OR FROM A RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS.

Transmission Fluid:

Dexron III, Dexron V, or Dexron VI ATF are all Acceptable Forms of Fluid for our Reman. TR-3650’s.

1 Year Limited Warranty:

Covers Gearbox for 1 Year to Not Leak, Grind going in or out of Gear, Pop Out of Gear, and to Not Whine or Vibrate.  Astro Performance Warehouse is not responsible for Gearbox Installation or Removal (aka R&R).  We are not the installer of Gearbox sold. And, since this is a Remanufactured 5 Speed Transmission, it DOES NOT include all Brand New Internals.  The Gearbox we assemble has been professionally rebuilt with all broken/worn/damaged internals replaced.  Once Gearbox is built it is then Dyno-Tested. The Dyno Testing is performed to insure that the gearbox sold is free from defects in craftsmanship/workmanship.  Not to mention a way to test the gearbox for issues before it is shipped across the Country or World.  Oil is installed into Gearbox to perform the Dyno-Test. But, then they are drained before Trucking Lines do not allow Transmissions to have Oil installed for transit.

Additional Information

Dimensions 40 x 35 x 35 in
Car Year

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004






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