Some Information about the Current Model Tremec 6 Speed

March 13, 2019

The Tremec TR-6060 6 Speed Transmission is the most widely used Performance 6 Speed Used in Domestic RWD Sports Cars since 2007.  Cars like the Shelby GT-500, Cadillac CTS-V, Chevrolet Camaro (Including ZL1), and Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (Including ZR1) all featured the Tremec TR-6060 6 Speed. The Gearboxes placed in the vehicles featured Upgrades that were far more advanced than the earlier Tremec T-56 6 Speed found in Pre-2006 Sports Cars.  Advancements & Upgrades included:

-Multi-Piece Design Synchronizer Rings on all Forward & Reverse Gears. The Synchronizer Rings have evolved since 2007 in three different versions.  Sintered Bronze, Carbon Fiber, and Hybrid Design.

-Larger Tapered Bearings & Cups on Input, Cluster, and Output Shaft.  Upgraded form the smaller diameter bearings on the Earlier T-56.

-Cast Steel Shift Forks used throughout with the Same Design of Fork Pad being Used from 1st thru Reverse.

-1-Piece Cluster Shaft used that does away with the 2-Piece Earlier Design T-56 that was known to "strip the splines" between the two shafts in higher horsepower applications.

The Tremec TR-6060 was also available in a multitude of Ratio's.  From the Current Hellcat TR-6060 with a 2.26 1st, to the Camaro V8 TR-6060 with a 3.11 1st, it has several benefits where "custom conversions" can be made to adapt into applications it wasn't originally meant for.  Even the idea of the Remote Mount Shifter & Bolt On Flange Output Shaft could be converted to a Slip Yoke "Direct Shifter Mounted" Tailshaft housing and output shaft.

Given the TR-6060 is still considered "current production" it is sure to be one of the more widely Manual Transmission Cores to be used for custom conversions into the future.

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