2011-17 Mustang 5.0L Getrag MT-82 6 Speed Transmissions

October 16, 2019

One of the Most Popular 6 Speed Transmissions being ordered and repaired today are from 2011-17 Ford Mustang 5.0L.  Issues from Gearboxes "Stuck" in 1st or 2nd Gear to Complete Gear Failure in 3rd, 4th, or 5th are the norm.  When end users come to us for answers of how to Fix and/or Upgrade their Getrag MT-82 6 Speed, we start with trying to identify what version of MT-82 they have. This is very important when selecting an In-House Core to Build/Upgrade for Customer. If End User sends in their Core for Repair, the following is Null/Void.  With this being stated, below are some important notes to consider when Purchasing a MT-82 6 Speed Gearbox from Astro Performance.

MT-82 Identification Notes:

2011 & Early 2012 Ford Mustang 5.0L MT-82 6 Speeds have a Casting Number on Drivers Side of Main Case/Bellhousing.  Example: BR3R-7006-AA or BR3R-7006-AB  Both of these Casting Numbers allow us to know that each Unit featured a "Deeper" Bellhousing vs Mid 2012 thru 2017 Ford Mustang 5.0L MT-82 6 Speeds. An Example of the "AB" Casting is shown in Pics.

When Getrag Cast the Bellhousings the Slave Cylinder that Ford wanted to use, which was the same used in the 2005-10 Ford Mustang 4.6L TR-3650 5 Speed, would not reach the clutch pressure plate fingers.  So Clutch Release would be an issue.  So, Ford ended up making a .444" Thick Aluminum Spacer to move the Slave Cylinder forward so that proper clutch release could be acquired.  With this being said it is Very Important that an end User that has an "AA or AB" Code cast on Bellhousing/Main Case reuse the slave cylinder spacer that came with gearbox after repairing and/or upgrading their gearbox.  Now, if the Code is anything other than the "AA or AB", the Slave Cylinder Spacer is NOT to be used.  That is due to Ford changing the Bellhousing/Case Castings to be "shorter" in depth so that spacer didn't have to be used from mid 2012-2017 years.  Please know that the actual Slave Cylinder used from 2005-2017 Ford Mustang 4.6L/5.0L was equal.  So, whether you have a unit that requires the Spacer or Not, the slave cylinder will attach to Spacer or simply to the bellhousing.  Of course you will need longer style bolts if the spacer is used! But, the bolts would be included with the original gearbox..just don't loose them!  If you loose the spacer and it is needed, you will be forced to purchase an aftermarket spacer & bolts.  Ford No Longer Sells the Spacer or Bolts! Picture of the Aluminum Slave Cylinder Spacer is shown in Pics.

All V8 MT-82 Transmissions have a "Flat" Bellhousing at top.  Whereas the 4 Cyl. & 6 Cyl. have a "Rounded" Style Bellhousing at top. We mostly stock V8 MT-82 Cores as that is where most of our Sales are directed. Every once in awhile we will get a 6 Cyl. Core thrown in with Cores we purchase. But, for the most part end users looking to Buy a 4 or 6 Cyl. MT-82 will have to send in their core up front for us to Repair and/or Upgrade.

MT-82 Skip Shift Solenoid Notes:

We have seen 2011-Early 2013 Mustang 5.0L Getrag MT-82 6 Speeds to have a Skip Shift Solenoid located on Passenger Side of Tailshaft (Extension) Housing.  The Skip Shift Solenoid, if featured, would be located on the Passenger Side of Tailshaft Housing at top in the Center.  It would be held to Tailshaft Housing by two bolts. Skip Shift Solenoid was originally featured on the earlier MT-82's where if an end user was in 1st Gear for an extended period of time, the computer would signal a light on the dash stating for the user to "shift into 4th gear".  Now, when end users do upgrades to vehicle that require use of a Aftermarket Hand-Held Tuner, a lot of Tuners have "turned off" the Skip Shift Feature.  This doesn't mean that the transmission doesn't feature the solenoid.  It just means that all the Solenoid does when its turned off it fill the hole so No Oil Escapes.  So, when a MT-82 is sold, a common question asked by us is if the original transmission being replaced had skip shift or not. If the Transmission Core we have at time of Sale has Skip Shift Solenoid, but car it goes into didn't, leave the solenoid in the transmission we provide you. You won't have any Harness to hook into it. But, it will act as a Freeze Plug to seal the Hole.  Now, I have included two images of a Gearbox we sell that has the Skip Shift Solenoid Bolted to Tailshaft Housing. As well as another one that shows a Tailshaft Housing that has a Pilot Hole for a Skip Shift, but, it is not drilled thru the tailshaft housing.  Ford used the same Tailshaft Housing Castings from 2011-17 Mustang 5.0L MT-82's. They just saved some time in not have to drill and tap two bolt holes and finish boring thru the tailshaft housing like they did on the 2011-13 Models.

MT-82 Output Shaft Flanges:

2011-2014 Ford Mustang 5.0L Getrag MT-82 6 Speed = 4 Bolt Flange. The Flange being explained is how the driveshaft attaches to transmission.  Driveshaft is secured by 4 Bolts to Transmission.

2015-2017 Ford Mustang 5.0L Getrag MT-82 6 Speed = 3 Bolt Flange. The Flange being explained is how the driveshaft attaches to transmission.  Driveshaft is secured by 4 Bolts to Transmission.

MT-82 Transmission Fluid:

All MT-82 6 Speeds shipped out to end users DO NOT INCLUDE OIL.  End user must fill Gearbox with approximately 2.7 Qts. of Fluid before Operation. We recommend either the Ford Authorized Fluid with Additive/Modifier, or AMSOIL Synchromesh (2 Qts) + AMSOIL 75/90W Transaxle Gear Oil (.7 Qt.).  The AMSOIL recommendation has proven to be the Best in our opinion for Higher RPM Shifting and Synchronizer Life.